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Welcome to the Roxanna Demers Official Website

From Roxanna...  Read More   04-30-2013

A note from Roxanna...
Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy...  Read More   01-01-2013

It's FINALLY here!
As many of you have seen/heard, Roxanna has been in the studio once again, recording an album! Just this Friday was her album released, and it is now available for download on iTunes and CDBaby!  Read More   12-13-2012

New Announcements coming real soon!
Things have been hoppin'! Roxanna has been in the recording studio working constantly on new songs!  Read More   10-17-2012

Want to send Roxanna an autograph request, question, or fan-letter? Read this!
  Read More   09-05-2012

Hey everyone, please check out Center Sound Records' website! :)
Check out all of the amazing artists at Center Sound Records!  Read More   01-01-2012

The Rusty Bucket Kids featured in Wake Living magazine!
Check out a beautifully written article by Anthony Mejewski in the most recent issue of Wake Living magazine about The Rusty Bucket Kids!  Read More   12-21-2011

A cat on my lap... I love him very much... But... :)
  Read More   11-15-2011

Enjoying the CMAs! :)
Sitting here watching the CMAs! Please read! :)  Read More   11-09-2011

Check out the August issue of North Carolina's Our State magazine!
  Read More   09-15-2011

Guess What? I have a Twitter account!
Hey everybody, do you tweet? I do! Please follow me at the link below...  Read More   09-15-2011

Podcast interview...
  Read More   06-14-2011

Thank you!
  Read More   06-08-2011

Check out the new 'Sizzle Reel' for The Rusty Bucket Kids!
  Read More   06-08-2011

Happy Memorial Day!
  Read More   05-30-2011


Roxanna Demers head shot.


Hey everyone! Welcome to my website! Please feel free to check out my latest Videos and Photos. Before you leave, make sure to drop a comment in my Blog. I'm currently in 7th grade as a homeschooler. I've been singing since I could talk, and I've been in numerous musicals, commercials, since then. Singing and acting is something that I really enjoy and has become a very important part of my life.


Roxanna's Videos

Roxanna Demers

Roxanna's Work.

Untitled from Michelle Demers on Vimeo.



Roxanna Demers and brother, JohnColeman, in Apex Christmas Parade

Roxanna Demers and brother, JohnColeman perform songs from the television show in the annual Apex, NC Christmas Parade.
- Click here to see the video


Roxanna Demrs Behind-the-Scenes w/ The Rusty Bucket Kids

- Click here to see the video


Roxanna performing "Take Me For a Ride" at Koka Booth

Roxanna Demers & The Rusty Bucket Band perform "Take Me For a Ride", the theme song for the television series, "The Rusty Bucket Kids".
- Click here to see the video





About Roxanna Demers

Roxanna Demers Bio Page

Roxanna has been acting for the film and stage industry since the age of two. She most recently appeared as the starring role in the new TV series, "The Rusty Bucket Kids" as Roxanna Peakssen. One of her favorite stage roles is Brigitta von Trapp in North Carolina Theatre's production of 'The Sound of Music'.

For a pdf version of her Full Resume -
Click Here






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The Roxanna Demers Comment section is for you to comment on her work. Please feel free to add a comment about Roxanna's work. Thank you for your input. To leave your comment, click here.


Hi!!! I'm mikayla! I really love you'r voice and your so pretty (: I bought your song on iTunes it's so good l!!! I hope you read this! Thank you so much!!!!! (((((:   
- Mikayla

Hey Rox! I'm so proud to have you as my best friend You're beautiful, smart, and have the kindest personality anyone could ever have Love you girl!   
- Caitlyn R

Hii! I went to school with you in 4th grade!!! And now your like famous' and congratz on ur cd! We love it a lot! Your so pretty! We love you! :)   
- Elly

Your new cd is absolutely fantastic!!!! We are all in the Christmas spirit now, including OJ~!!!!   
- Miss Lil

Hii!! My mom was telling me about you're show and stuff. She love ur show and the rusty bucket! It was on the news and stuff. So yea (:   
- Lizzi Monroe

Hii!! My namr is Sara! I love your brothers song about the dog! So cute I loved it! Then I found a out you! I love your voice yu need to put out a cd! I will sooo by it!   
- sara harvony

Hello! My name is taylor you came to our school last yet about this time a little later can you come back. We really wan tyou to sing for us   
- Taylor c

Hi, I just want to say that you are super cool and I am so happy that I met you and your just really awesome! Will you please follow me on Twitter??? Please!??!? (: thx!   
- Lilly B.

Heyyy! I love yur website! So pretty! I saw you when u came to my school last fall. You need t come and sing for us! U were really good at ur show that we went to!!!   
- Morgan Phillips

Cool site! Good luck in yur career! yur pretty cool! :D   
- Analese Lundburg

Hey. Really cools ite! U are recording anothers song?   
- Kaylyn

Hi how are you today?   
- Layla

Hye I don't know if you remember me but you are a nice person with a good voice keep up[ the good work! (:   
- Emma Grace

Great site and love your pics! Do you have youtube/   
- Sherry L

Great new pics, Roxxi, but "Relaxing on the lawn in Savannah" is still my favorite. Will you soon add a new video to this site -- you singing on stage, backed up by the RB band? Hope so!   
- Dave

Hi. I like your photos. Who is youre photographer?   
- Lizzy Manning

Great job at Koka the Booth Amphitheatre! I really enjoyed the concert today.   
- Sunny

hey nice site. i wish i had a good voice.   
- sydney phillips

When will your songs be on itunes?   
- Maddie D.

Hi, My son and daughter really love the Rusty Bucket Lincoln episode! The know almost all of the songs to the show. The run around the house singing the train songs! So cute! I heard you all will be filming part of the next episode in the state of Michigan, I can't wait to see it! We will hopefully be able to make it to the Gabbie Rae concert just to hear you all perform! Thank you for keeping FAMILY programming alive!   
- Joannah R.

i knew you from schoool a few years ago i think. nice pics your really pretty! i mean it.   
- Reena P.

cant wait to meet you in person at your concerts that are coming soon! ;)   
- Anna Tresele

Contact me!! I need to ask you some questions!   
- Rachel Cook

Keep up the good work!   
- Monica

Good job roxxi!   
- JohnColeman

You've done a great job with this site, Roxanna! Great fun to learn of you being recently cast for a part in Remnants. Congratulations!   
- Bruce Smith

Nice website Roxxie! (:   
- Alice

I love all of your photos on your Facebook and website.   
- Lucy

Great website, I hope someday we will get to meet!   
- Lisa McLeigh

Great photo with the fur trimmed hood!   
- Leigh Morgan

WOW!!! You have a beautiful website...so professional looking. Clearly you are off to a great start and are able to follow the path that is yours only.   
- Jean Sandberg Boston MA

Roxanna, My, what a varied career in the arts world. Keep up the hard work and I know you will find true success. Listen carefully to Mr. Horn.   
- Art Baxter, President Hawthorne Publishing

How great is it, knowing already what you want to do in life!   
- Kathie from Bloomington, Indiana, home of IU where Kevin Kline studied and fell in love with acting. :-)

Great website! Best of luck with your career.   
- Debbie Horn

wow i luv ur website, rox! its great!!!!! i wish my mom would let me make a website lol   
- Caitlyn and cocoa and blitzen :)

"Hide not your talent. What use is a sundial in the shade?" (Ben Franklin)   
- Dave Horn

Hey Roxanna - You go girl!   
- Sunny Howe

My Photo Gallery

















My Work

Roxanna has been acting for the film and stage industry since the age of two. She most recently appeared as the starring role in the new TV series, "The Rusty Bucket Kids" as Roxanna Peakssen. One of her favorite stage roles is Brigitta von Trapp in North Carolin Theatre's production of 'The Sound of Music'. For a pdf version of her Resume Click Here
Sound of Music


  • Personal Information
  • Education
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Future
Roxanna is currently 5' 5" and weighs 109 lbs. For more details, visit my full resume, located under the 'My Work' tab.
Date: September - 2012 

Roxanna is in ninth grade, and is currently being homeschooled. Because of the commintments that the acting profession demands, Roxanna has found that homeschooling fits her lifestyle best.
Date: September - 2012 

"I love to act. In my free time, I love to play with my cats, lamb, golden retriever, and four chickens. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, playing the violin and piano, photography, writing songs, sewing, and of course singing, while doing all of the above!" -Roxanna
Date: August - 2012 

"I LOVE to sing. Period. There is always a song in my head, sometimes I don't even realize that I am singing when my brother, JohnColeman, tells me to stop,( after 10 years, he is kind of tired of hearing me sing.). I also like to act. I love escaping the "real world" and pretending to be somebody I am not. I also like reading and songwriting. To me, writing songs is a way to express my feelings without being made fun of. I especially like to sew and design clothes, particularly dresses!"
Date: May - 2012 

Roxanna is currently working on recording a few singles for the Read with Max series. Join her emailing list to find out when they are out! :)
Date: August - 2012 

In case you haven't heard, Roxanna has just recently published a book about what it was like being on the set with The Rusty Bucket Kids. The book includes interviews, photos behind the scenes, and sneak-peeks about future episodes. Please visit The Rusty Bucket Kids TV Show's website for more info. http://www.therustybucketkids.com/pre-sale-book-offer.php
Date: 5/6 - 2011 



Center Sound was founded in 2007 to provide a wide array of services including recording, production (audio & video), marketing, publishing, management and licensing to developing artists and other like-minded and independent companies. - Click Here
Click on the link to go to Center Sound Records' website, Roxanna's record label.
Classical Voice of North Carolina - Click Here
Roxanna Demers, the Classical Voice of North Carolina.
Dove Foundation - Dove Family - Apoproved Suitable for all ages - Click Here
The Dove Famiy approves "The Rusty Bucket Kids: Lincoln - Journey to 16" RBK receives a 3 dove rating!
Fuquay - Varina Independent - The Rusty Bucket Kids Club TV Show goes into production - Click Here
Apex, NC – 14 October 2009 – The pilot episode of “The Rusty Bucket Kids Club” television show is in full production. The show is being produced by New Hill and Apex based Studio in the Woods, Inc and Los Angeles based Simon Barron Productions.
IMBD - The Internet Movie Database - The Rusty Bucket Kids: Lincoln, Journey to 16" - Click Here
All aboard with Steamy the Time-Travel-Express, join Roxanna (12) and JohnColeman Peakssen (9) help a 15-year-old Abe Lincoln stay on track to become America's 16th president.
MCA-I Life Member Produces Emmy-Nominated Edutainment TV Show - Click Here
APEX, N.C. (November 22, 2010) – “The Rusty Bucket Kids” (TRBK) television show received Emmy® nominations for Set Design, Music and Writing at the 25th Annual Midsouth Regional Emmy® Awards.
Movieset.Com reviews The Rusty Bucket Kids: Lincoln Journey to 16 - Click Here
Think "Back to the Future" meets The History Channel, when In the small southern town of Peak City... A brother and sister learn, they can transcend time... And live in the fantasies that were once only in their minds... They embark on great adventures, experiencing only what history can explain... And it all starts with a ride, on an ole, timey steam train...
News & Observer - Locally produced kids TV series debuts on WRAL. - Click Here
Legendary WRAL anchor Charlie Gaddy makes his television acting debut tomorrow in the locally produced "The Rusty Bucket Kids" television series.
North Carolina Theatre - The Sound of Music Cast List - Click Here
After the largest audition turn out in NC Theatre history, The Sound of Music has been cast! The Sound of Music runs July 25 through August 2 in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts. For tickets, visit www.nctheatre.com.
Official Facebook Fanpage link: - Click Here
Follow this link to access my Facebook Fanpage.
Peak City Film Festival - A New Mayberry comes to Life in Apex - Click Here
Raleigh News and Observer APEX -- If the pictures in John Demers' mind come to life, the newest thing in family “edutainment” television could have an Apex address
Peak City Publishing - Coming May 2011 - Click Here
Roxanna Demers, is a first-time author and experienced actress. She plays one of the lead roles in The Rusty Bucket Kids movie. The Rusty Bucket Kids - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Lincoln, Journey to 16" is a personal look at photographs and illustrations of of experiences in making the three-time Emmy nominated movie.
PR LOG Free Press Release - "The Rusty Bucket Kids" Television Show to Air on WRAL-TV - Click Here
“The Rusty Bucket Kids” TV and web-based series announces a partnership with WRAL. The pilot episode of the series, “Lincoln, Journey to 16,” will broadcast on Saturday, April 17 at Noon. Think ‘Back To The Future’ meets History Channel.
Radaris - The Rusty Bucket Kids:Lincoln, Journey to 16 receives Imdb Rating of 9.5 - Click Here
Radaris rates The Rusty Bucket Kids:Lincoln, Journey to 16 as a 9.5 out of 10
ReverbNation - The Rusty Bucket Bank - Click Here
CenterSound Records, produces for The Rusty Bucket Band. Jason Damico, guitar and vocals. Matt Lower is on guitar. Trey Lower, vocals. Marissa Begin vocals, Erick Crepsac, Bass, Keith Nimene, Drums along with Roxanna Demers, violin and vocals plus JohnColeman Demers vocals.
Roxanna made onto the Future Starz United List!!! Please check it out! - Click Here

Talent One Agency - Click Here
The Apex Herald - The Rusty Bucket Kids Club TV Show goes into production. - Click Here
October 14, 2009
The Rusty Bucket Kids Club - Click Here
Meet the Cast and Crew of The Rusty Bucket Kids
The Rusty Bucket Kids Home - Click Here
The premiere episode, “ Lincoln, Journey to 16,” launches this historically accurate time-travel adventure series.
Triangle Arts & Entertainment - "The Rusty Bucket Kids" Television Show Picks Up Three Regional Emmy® Nominations - Click Here
The Nashville/Midsouth Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced the nominations at a November 19 reception at BMI headquarters on Music Row in Nashville. This year’s nearly 700 entries resulted in nominations for 70 companies in 72 categories. The winners will be announced at a ceremony on January 29, 2011.
Triangle Business News - "The Rusty Bucket Kids" Television Show Picks Up Three Regional Emmy® Nominations. - Click Here
Triangle - “The Rusty Bucket Kids” (TRBK) television show received Emmy® nominations for Set Design, Music and Writing at the 25th Annual Midsouth Regional Emmy® Awards.
Triangle Tracks - "The Rusty Bucket Kids" Television Show to Air on WRAL-TV - Click Here
“The Rusty Bucket Kids” (TRBK) television and web-based series announces a partnership with WRAL-TV. The one-hour pilot episode of the series, “Lincoln, Journey to 16,” will broadcast initially on Saturday, April 17 at noon.
UNC TV - NC NOW Special Features - Click Here
Mr. Demers will talk about "The Rusty Bucket Kids," a new web-based television show that combines educational content with family entertainment, or "edutainment." The program features a brother and sister who learn they can travel back in time in American History to meet teenagers who become some of America's greatest historical heroes. The one hour pilot episode of the series "Lincoln Journey to 16" aired on WRAL-TV on Saturday, April 17th.
WRAL - TV "The Rusty Bucket Kids" Television Show to Air on WRAL-TV - Click Here
Pilot episode to also premiere on April 17 at CoolKidz Expo
WRAL.com - Area talent fills 'Rusty Bucket' - Click Here
John Demers, executive producer of "The Rusty Bucket Kids Club," discusses the locally produced TV show, which premieres at an Apex film festival in November.
YES! Weekly - Upcoming Children's Television Series has a Home-Town Feel - Click Here
You may not know “The Rusty Bucket Kids Club,” but soon enough you might. With so many small-screen franchises devoted to kids, teens and tweens, it’s no surprise that a local production would seek to make its own mark in the marketplace. By Mark Berger


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